Primary PE ( Physical Education) Sports Funding


Academic Year 2019-2020


The Government has announced extra sports funding to enhance PE and sports provision in all primary schools. Its aim is to improve the quality of PE teaching and learning and to elevate the profile of sports within schools so that more children are doing more sport. We are excited and feel privileged to be able to spend the allocated funding to help fulfil our vision statement for sport at North West.


Sport Premium Funding – Academic Year 2019-2020

Sport premium: £18040.00



The school has worked hard to ensure that all classes have sessions of PE this academic year. As well as this each class has had swimming sessions and across an academic year each child has a 6 week block of swimming. Staff have worked with and team taught with the coaches as part of CPD for staff. We have also trained up staff to teach swimming especially to the EYFS.

HOW DID WE SPEND THE MONEY IN 2018-2019 Academic Year?

TEACHING and STAFF DEVELOPMENT We appointed sports coaches to work alongside staff as part of CPD to develop their own teaching of PE as well as provide children with expert teaching in the field of Sports. We also appointed a Swimming Teacher for the older years used money to train the EYFS staff in pool safety and swimming so that these classes can swim once a week. The coaches have also started to develop an assessment system to continue using in the next academic year so that progress can be measured.

COST:  £ 7380.00

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The School provides Sports activities for children during lunch time and after school. These activities vary from basketball, football, dancing with Louise, Drama Karate Swimming. Some are funded by the parents. Lunch time football and basketball are funded by the school as a way to encourage more children, especially KS2 children to do exercise at lunchtime.

COST:  £760.00

RESOURCES: Resources such as; balls, cameras to record evidence and rewards have been purchased this year. We have also ensured that the current equipment, especially the gymnastic equipment, has been maintained.

COST:  £1259.18

WORKSHOPS: Workshops for all children have been taking place this academic year to promote different areas within sports such as: Dance and Drama and Movement. All children have benefited from these.

COST:  £1053.00

SWIMMING: All children in the school have the opportunity to swim. In The EYFS children swim 741weekly and EYFS staff are training to facilitate this. In Year 1-6 each child has a 6 week block of swimming each academic year with the expectation that at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) they can swim. In July 2019, 93% of the Year 6 cohort left the school being able to swim. As well as this we provide additional swimming sessions to facilitate the needs of SEN pupils. The school also offers after school swimming sessions.

COST:  £3580.00


Total Expenditure: £12,979.18

Total Funding: £18010.00

Variance to be carried into 2019/20: £5,030.82

(Note that due to COVID19 there was a lockdown during this academic year)


For 2020-2021

What will be using our Sports Premium Money for?

  • To provide CPD for staff
  • To develop PE assessment
  • To ensure swimming taking place each week
  • To provide swimming for key children’s Special Educational Needs
  • To promote healthy living (Wake and Shake)
  • Interschool competitions
  • To develop Sports Day so that all children achieve and make progress
  • To provide sport workshops for pupils to promote national events such as: The European championships
  • Workshops to develop pupils love of the subject.
  • Promote more exercise within the week such as ‘Take Ten’
  • To ensure that 100% of children leave Year 6 being able to swim

PE During COVID-19

During the lockdown PE for pupils was provided remotely. Pupils started the day with joining Joe Wick exercise class. During Mental Health and wellbeing week daily videos from different staff members were sent out with relaxation and mindfulness activities for pupils to take part in. We also provided support for parents in teaching PE with children when they were at home. This was through #ThisIsPE.

The following activities and websites were provided to staff and pupils to take part in.

  1. imoves –
  2. Superhero workouts – Batman Wonder woman Thor – Spiderman

  1. Sky news-
  2. Supermovers (BBC) -dance and movement linked to lesson topics and wellbeing

  1. Les Mills- born to move

including a marvel one:

football (younger children)

older children – 21 minutes

  1. Disney Change for Life 10 minute Shake ups