Clubs And Extra Curricular

At North West learning isn’t restricted to lesson time and there are lots of extracurricular activities for children to get involved in, both during lunchtime and after school.

Clubs currently on offer are:

Breakfast Club
Tuesday to Thursday 7.45—8.30 am, Nursery—Year 6
This club offers parents the option for their child to be cared for in a safe and nurturing environment before school, in preparation for a calm and orderly start to their school day. Children will be offered breakfast and take part in quiet indoor games and activities.

Capoeira Club
Wednesday 4—5 pm, Years 1—6
This exciting Brazilian martial art combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. Children will learn quick and complex moves using power and speed for a wide variety of kicks, spins, and highly mobile techniques.

Chess Club
Monday 4—5 pm, Year 1-2 Beginners / Thursday 4—5 pm, Years 3—6 Intermediate & Advanced
Learn how to play chess, improve your game and take part in matches, competitions and tournaments. Run by professional coaches.

Crafts Club
Monday 4—5 pm, Reception— Year 6
This class is great for children who like to use their hands and imaginations. Learn new ways to be creative in making decoupage, jewellery, fabric painting, clay crafts and more.

Dancing with Louise
Tuesday 4—5 pm, Years 3—6 / Wednesday 4—5 pm, Reception—Y2
These weekly sessions will develop fitness and skill levels. The children are taught a range of technical dance steps which piece together to make impressive high energy dances.

Early Years Club

Tuesday to Wednesday 4—5 pm, Nursery—Reception
This club offers parents the option for their child to be cared for in a safe and nurturing environment after school. Children will take part in quiet indoor games and activities. Please send a snack with your child.

Football and Multi-Sports

Football: Monday 4—5 pm, Years 5-6 / Tuesday Year 3 / Wednesday Years 1—2
Multi-Sports: Wednesday 4—5 pm, Years 1—2
This club will be led by our sports coaches. Children can choose either Football or Multi-sports. Children will improve their motor skills, coordination and confidence.  Floodlights are in place for the winter months.

Netball Club
Tuesday Lunchtime, Years 3—6
The Netball Club is led by professional sports coaches. Children will improve their skills and play matches in school and may have the opportunity to participate in away matches and tournaments.

Little Makers
Thursday 4—5 pm, Years 5—6
This club will involve different creative projects with a focus on upcycling clothes and other materials. On the first day, you will be asked to bring an old item of clothing – Dad’s ripped shirt, Mum’s old dress, jeans, tights or socks with holes or that favourite outfit now too small for you to wear – and we will customise or transform it into something new. Over the weeks children will do some drawing, collage, designing, dying, sewing and much more.