Clubs And Extra Curricular

At North West learning isn’t restricted to lesson time and there are lots of extracurricular activities for children to get involved in, both during lunchtime and after school.

Clubs currently on offer are:

Basketball Club
Tuesday 4—5 pm, Years 1—6
Come and try this popular club open to both boys and girls. A great opportunity to get fit and have fun. Led by professional coaches.

Breakfast Club
Monday to Friday 7.45—8.30 am, Nursery—Year 6
This club offers parents the option for their child to be cared for in a safe and nurturing environment before school, in preparation for a calm and orderly start to their school day. Children will be offered breakfast and take part in quiet indoor games and activities.

Capoeira Club
Thursday 4—5 pm, Years 1—6
This exciting Brazilian martial art combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. Children will learn quick and complex moves using power and speed for a wide variety of kicks, spins, and highly mobile techniques.

Chess Club
Year 1 Beginners Tuesday Lunchtime, Years 2—6 Intermediate & Advanced Thursday Lunchtime
Learn how to play chess, improve your game and take part in matches, competitions and tournaments. Run by professional coaches.

Crafts Club
Monday 4—5 pm, Years 1—6
This class is great for children who like to use their hands and imaginations. Learn new ways to be creative in making decoupage, jewellery, fabric painting, clay crafts and more.

Dancing with Louise
Thursday Lunchtime, Years 1—6
These weekly sessions will develop fitness and skill levels. The children are taught a range of technical dance steps which piece together to make impressive high energy dances.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Homework Club
Tuesday 4—5 pm, Years 3—5
This club is specifically for children whose parents speak another language or were brought up in a different educational system. Children will receive help with their homework, explaining concepts, working through further examples and planning fun and helpful follow up activities. Working together with your child’s teachers we will ensure that the homework is completed and that your child’s individual learning needs and styles are met.

Football League (After School—Three Teams)
Monday Year 6, Wednesday Year 2, Thursday Year 5, 4.15—5.15 pm
The Football League is led by professional sports coaches and will improve players’ skills, confidence and all-round game. Matches will be played during the training session. There are floodlights in place to enable play in the winter months.

French for Beginners
Tuesday 4—5 pm, Reception —Year 6
These complete beginner classes are taught by Dany and Myriam, two native speakers with over 30 years teaching experience between them. In an informal environment, children will engage and flourish while learning to communicate in French. The French club is educational and a lot of fun, with many varied activities including flashcards, games, songs and stories.

French (Advanced)
Wednesday 4—5 pm, Years 3—6
Run by Dany and Myriam who teach our Beginner’s class, this club will help children gain confidence with their French-speaking peers and family, as well as improving their grammar and vocabulary, should they wish to study French as a second language later on. Please note that we will not follow the French curriculum taught in French schools to native speakers; the aim is to help the children to improve their French as a second language.

Fun in Ivrit (for children learning Ivrit at all levels)
Wednesday Lunchtime, Reception—Year 2
This club offers a fun and exciting environment for children to develop their spoken Ivrit. Using creative activities, fun games and role-playing with props and following a different theme every month, children will be encouraged to start to converse in Ivrit.

Ivrit Drama Club (for children who already speak Ivrit)
Monday before school 8—8.50 am, Nursery—Year 6
For children from Ivrit-speaking families, this club offers a fun and informal way to practice and improve their spoken Ivrit. 

Israeli Dancing
Tuesday Lunchtime, Years 2—6
Let by the Israeli Dance Institute, children take part in a range of dances, learning core routines, all in a fun and active environment. They will be able to showcase their new talents and abilities in a rewarding, enjoyable and inspiring way!

Karate Club
Thursday 4—5 pm, Years 1—6
Highly skilled professional will inspire children to greater health and self-confidence. Children will enjoy the discipline of learning how to defend themselves in a fun and safe environment and will have the opportunity to grade and earn belts. Boys and girls welcome.

Kodesh Club
Thursday 4.05—4.55pm, Years 5—6
The Kodesh Club is open to all pupils in Years 5—6 and refreshments are provided before the club begins. There is a choice of learning Tenach, specifically Megillat Esther, Megillat Rut and Sefer Yonah in a two-year rotation, or studying Gemara Bava Metzia Perakim 2/3 in rotation.

LAMDA (Speech & Drama Club)
Monday Lunchtime, Years 3—6
The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest drama schools in the UK, founded in 1861. Children will play acting games and improvise their own scenes. They will learn breathing techniques and practice physical and vocal exercises, as well as mime, line learning, sight reading and presentations. Lessons will build pupils’ vocal and physical ranges and will enable them to develop a wealth of life skills to prepare them for their future.

Netball Club
Tuesday Lunchtime, Years 4—6
The Netball Club is led by professional sports coaches. Children will improve their skills and play matches in school and may have the opportunity to participate in away matches and tournaments.

Recorder Club
Wednesday Lunchtime, Years 3—6
Our new Recorder Club is a great introduction to playing a musical instrument and participating in a musical group. We will learn how to hold and play the recorder, play simple tunes and begin to read music. It is a great opportunity for children to enjoy learning a new skill together.

Woodland Club
Monday Lunchtime (subject to weather), Years 1—6
The Woodland Club is a free, open-to-all lunchtime club which takes place at the back of the playground, thanks to the parent-volunteers who supervise the Woodland Area. The children can bring their own wellies or borrow PTA wellies and have a great time making dens, finding insects and more.