Student council & leadership


North West is proud to have 4 Houses: David, Israel, Jonathan and Judah. These Houses are used for PE activities, Sports Days, House Point Days and weekly House Point collections.

Each year, 8 children from Year Five are selected to be House Captains during their time in Year Six. They are selected following an application form, meeting with a member of the Leadership Team and a vote by their House peers. House Captains have a variety of jobs around the school and organise a number of events for different classes and Key Stages at different intervals throughout the school year.


“We make sure everyone is happy at school.”

“We help students and the school”

“We are the voice of the students.”

“We discuss what the school is going to do and make decisions, for example, on what fundraised money should be spent on.”

At North West, we understand the importance of pupil voice and instil within our children the skills and confidence to represent and communicate their views and opinions.

As part of this, North West has a Student Council where the ideas of the children are listened to and where they are directly involved in decisions that affect them.

The Student Council also has an active role, working together with staff,  to organise events, charitable collections and to make real and meaningful changes to the school and wider community.

Children from years 2-6 are elected to the council by their peers through a voting system and attend regular meetings in which they can raise any class or school wide issues and discuss ways to improve the school.

The current theme of this term is ‘Helping the Wider Community’ and the School Council is working hard, in conjunction with Sal’s Shoes, to collect outgrown shoes to be distributed across the globe.

Thank you to the Student Council for making the school an even better place to be!


The student-led Science Committee is the voice of the pupils. The committee is made up of a number of representatives from each class in Years 2-6. They meet fortnightly, and the committee meetings are an opportunity for the children to shape how we approach Science within the school. Our students show excellent leadership, creativity and initiative to ensure that Science is an engaging topic for all students.

This year our Science Committee has made a fantastic effort to promote healthy living, and created an excellent video encouraging this on their peers. They have also created a listing of Higher Order thinking Science challenges for their fellow students.


The School Chesed Committe is made up of volunteers from Year 5. Together with the Chesed Lead, the children decide on the Tzedaka focus for each term, pitching their own ideas for good causes and voting for their preferred charity. Once the focus has been chosen democratically, the children research the charity in depth and design and produce posters to put up around the school to encourage the school community to give Tzedaka. In addition, the children present about the focus in school assemblies to hone their public speaking skills.