At NWLJDS we are passionate about teaching Music and giving the children the opportunity to listen, play and learn music. Music is all around us – it is a part of who we are whether heard, sung, played or accessed through technology. Music is a powerful tool which can unlock creativity and is a great means of communication.  Children at NWLJDS have a broad experience of music through special assemblies and performances, Kodesh and Ivrit lessons and weekly music lessons.

NWLJDS has teamed up with Sing Education who provides an innovative and an exciting scheme of work that covers the National Curriculum from Nursery through to Key Stage 2. The schemes of work are divided into 6 half termly units taught by a trained Music Teacher who teaches a varied and balanced programme for children to experience a broad range of Music through fun themed topics from singing to playing a variety of instruments. Throughout the year groups children learn, explore and are taught to play instruments correctly; they learn technical vocabulary and are taught to challenge their voices.

Opportunities for Recorder club in Key stage 2 and Israeli Dancing Club through traditional music is taught in school.

Music is an important aspect to school life. The enjoyment and expression music can bring; encourages children to appreciate and value their experiences they gain from each of their lessons.

Music Policy

Music Overview