The Pupil Premium Information

Academic Year 2020-2021

Introduced in April 2011, the Pupil Premium is a Government initiative that provides additional funding aimed at pupils from deprived backgrounds. Research clearly shows established links between deprivation and educational underachievement, this grant is aimed at giving schools additional resource to support such children in overcoming any barriers they may have in successfully engaging with education. The Pupil Premium is provided in order to support these pupils in reaching their potential by accelerating their progress and providing them with experiences that may not normally be available to them.


For 2020/21 academic year there 1 child, who are on the Pupil Premium Register.

To avoid identifying this pupil if you require further information please speak with Miss Caplan (Headteacher) or Mr Radomsky (Deputy Headteacher).

For 2020-2021

What will be using our Pupil Premium Money for?

  • To support children’s learning in Numeracy, Reading and Writing with extra sessions with a 1-2-1 teachers
  • To allow these children to attend after school and lunchtime clubs
  • To provide extra resources in class for these children for Numeracy and Literacy

HOW DID WE SPEND THE MONEY IN 2019-20 Academic Year

There was 1 child, on Pupil Premium therefore we had an allocation of £1,320. (£1320.00 per child)

  1. TEACHING: We appointed an exra qualified teachers who has provided extra tuition to students in addition to the mainstream timetabled lessons. Pupil Premium child/ren received extra support for improving Numeracy, Reading and Writing. These sessions were approx. 30 – 45minutes.

COST: £1,038.02

  1. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The School provides funding for the children who are Pupil Premium. We pay for Lunchtime clubs and after school clubs, such as: basketball, netball, and swimming, Drama, Dancing with Louise, Karate, debating club and chess.


  1. SCHOOL LUNCHES: The children who are FMS and are in Year 3 – 6 have Lunch paid for them.


4.. RESOURCES: Resources such as; Numercon, reading books, phonic games and activities, Art equipment for Art club and ICT equipment such as i-pads have been purchased to support children’s learning and to support staff to help our Pupil Progress children make progress.


Total Expenditure: tbc

Total Funding: £1320.00

Total Spent: £1,038.02

Total  to be Carried forward to 2020-2021 funding: £281.98

END of KEY STAGE DATA for PUPIL PREMIUM CHILDREN – Due to lockdown there was no data.

Academic Year 2021-2022

Please follow link: Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-22