Our Science Principles

At North West we believe that Science should be enjoyable. Teachers should instill an love for Science, and an understanding that anybody can think, discover and invent like a scientist.

We believe that inductive learning is important and it is vital for children to explore and find out things for themselves before instruction from a teacher. Science should encourage and cultivate higher order thinking through questioning and experimentation. We believe that children should know why they are learning something, and be aided by strong cross-curricular links to help understand the importance of Science in every day life.

We believe Science should be experiential and should include access to a wide range of activities and resources.

Science Committee

The student-led Science Committee is the voice of the pupils. The committee is made up of a number of representatives from each class in Years 2-6. They meet fortnightly, and the committee meetings are an opportunity for the children to shape how we approach Science within the school. Our students show excellent leadership, creativity and initiative to ensure that Science is an engaging topic for all students.

This year our Science Committee has made a fantastic effort to promote healthy living, and created an excellent video encouraging this on their peers. They have also created a listing of Higher Order thinking Science challenges for their fellow students.

Science Policy

Science in Early Years Overview

Science Overview

Science – Year Group Topic Outline

Scientific Report Writing Progression