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  • WW1 Week at NWLJDS

    date posted: 26/11/2014

    Today we opened our WW1 week with a visit from 2 local historians Mrs Lola Fraser and Mrs Susan Kandel who have both taught at our school.

    During the day, Years 5 and 6 read some of Marcus Segal's letters home from the trenches. He was a local man who lived at 4 Mowbray Road and fought in WW1. His letters were kept by his mother in a suitcase in the attic and later donated to the Jewish Military Museum. They give an insight into life at the Front and the conditions he faced up to his death in 1917.


    Year 4 learnt about Florence Oppenheimer who later became Florence Greenberg the author of the famous cookbook. She trained as a nurse and was based in a hospital ship at Gallipoli and later in Cairo and Palestine (as it was)


    The two classes (4 and 5) then shared what they had learnt with Year 3 in a round-up assembly at the end of the day.

    Thank you to Mrs Finkel who has shared her passion for this subject by playing a leading part in the organisation of these important themed learning sessions.

  • NWLJDS Girls' Football Team

    date posted: 26/11/2014
    Well done to the NWLJDS Girls' Football Team who played with spirit, effort and sportsmanship at the Maccabi inter-schools Football tournament. The girls drew 2 games and won one game scoring twice. The girls have asked for extra coaching and Mrs D Stone is looking at organising some focussed coaching sessions for the team from Rabbi Kerbel!
  • Maths Problem Solvers...

    date posted: 26/11/2014
    Well done to Isaac, Hattie, Ethan and Samzi, who represented NWLJDS in the second Round of the Explore Learning inter-school Maths problem-solving Challenge. Our 4 mathematicians who had successfully negotiated the first round, worked collaboratively to solve complex Maths problems. We will be finding out shortly if they have made it to the next stage of the competition. Thank you to Mrs Freedman, our Numeracy coordinator, for putting the focus firmly upon problem-solving at NWLJDS and for organising the NWLJDS team's participation in this competition. 
  • Supporting England!

    date posted: 24/11/2014

    Feedback from a Parent who took her children  to Wembley for the England v Germany (Women) football game yesterday using the special schools' allocation tickets:

    Dear Mrs D Stone

    I just want to drop you a line to thank you so much for organising the tickets for football at Wembley yesterday. Despite the fact that England lost quite spectacularly, we had a great time. The experience of going to Wembley coupled with showing our children that girls can play football too, made for a great outing.

    It would be wonderful if we could continue to participate in similar initiatives. I really appreciate the efforts to which you are going to raise the profile of sports in the school.

    Wishing you all the best

  • Anti-bullying Week at NWLJDS

    date posted: 20/11/2014

    'Streetwise' visited our assembly today to speak out about bullying and how to stay safe.

    Evie,our presenter, explained that bullying is a repeated negative activity aimed at a target person to hurt them and humiliate them. She counted 4 types of bullying: cyber; physical; social and verbal and explained each type. Evie spoke about finding a safe space if you are the target. The children came up with different examples of safe spaces: 1) With your friends      2) with your Parents 3) With a teacher 4) With a trusted adult.

    Evie spoke about never hiding from bullying, ,for example in the toilets because you could then be trapped; instead always tell somebody and make sure you can get to a safe space.

    We also spoke about the power of the bystander who is somebody seeing the bullying but not being targeted. They can get an adult to come help or offer friendship support or make a report to stop the bullying.

    We spoke about the importance of never retaliating which just perpetuates the negative cycle and gets more people hurt and in trouble.

    The greatest antidote to bullying is friendship and Mrs Taub and Mrs Schapira have organised a great friendship week for us which has involved all classes making friendship bracelets; cards for children at other schools; writing about friendship (samples of which will be displayed online) and making friendship handprints which we aim to display on the walls inside the school.

    Our Headteacher says: "If G-d made you stronger than somebody else, that is because you have been given the gift of being able to help them. Make sure you use your strength and popularity for the power of friendship and good."

  • Nwljds football heroes

    date posted: 19/11/2014

    In the mud and cold of the late afternoon, NWLJDS boys from years 5 and 6 took to the pitch to participate in a large inter-school football tournament involving 9 schools and multiple teams from each school. We took 3 teams managed by our dedicated staff.

    All the boys played with great spirit and our A team excelled. Noam, Ethan, JJ, Zan, Aaron, Carlo and Isaac won 4 out of 5 games in the first round (drawing the other) to win their group and go through to the quarter-final which they won with a goal from JJ and numerous saves from Ethan. One of the group games featured a 6-0 win for NW with hat-tricks from Zan and Noam.  In the semi-final, after  conceding 2 goals, the team rallied to draw level and after extra-time, a tense penalty shoot-out ensued. After a full complement of penalties from both sides, it was sudden death and we finally went out the tournament after a great performance. Our star parent Mrs Young came to fetch the boys and we returned to school triumphant.   Most importantly the team spirit, behaviour and support for each other from the boys was truly commendable.

    A huge thank you to our PE coordinator Mrs Stone who organised our participation in the tournament.

  • Neighbours

    date posted: 19/11/2014

    ^ 18 children from 3 Brent schools with their teachers are involved in a joint inter-school booster session to take them up to the next level in their writing.

    This time the session is hosted at our school and led by our Miss Caplan as she leads the session which involves writing about cupcakes. The experience aims to enhance the children's powers of description; use of punctuation and general presentation.

    Right now there are cupcakes sitting on the tables in front of each child as they observe, reflect with deep concentration and write.

    The impact will be seen in the Sats :) and the children get to meet children from other schools and interact constructively and positively as they develop themselves and gain in confidence.

    Applause rings around the room as a child reads her work out for the rest of the children: "It was MOUTH-WATERING! I thought to myself - I wish I could have another bite..."


  • neighbours

    date posted: 19/11/2014

    Continuing our wonderful link with our neighbouring Muslim school, we welcomed 2 teachers to plan our next linking activity and we look forward to a class from our school linking with a class from our neighbouring Primary school.

    Watch this space....

  • Jerusalem

    date posted: 18/11/2014

    This morning the most terrible tragedy occurred in Jerusalem; as people prayed they were attacked by terrorists with injuries and death destroying the spirituality of prayer and sacred human life.

    At NWLJDS we held a special assembly this morning for the older children. We prayed together for healing and peace and comfort; reciting a chapter of psalms focussing on realising that everything comes from G-d and it is to him we turn at all times.

    We then recited Hatikva the national anthem of Israel and then Rabbi Broder told the children that we are grateful to live in Great Britain with its values of respect and tolerance for all faiths and people and we sang the British national anthem together.

    The children then returned to lessons.

    We pray for peace, healing, comfort and the power of spirituality to resolve all conflicts.


  • Chess Inter-school Champions

    date posted: 17/11/2014

    Congratulations to Jacob C who won gold and Charlie G who took silver after a tense tie break decided the junior section of the Jewish Inter-schools chess tournament at Hasmonean. Frieda K, Gabriel M and Joshua R also did well, as the NW contingent lost only 2 games altogether. 

    Mr Wulwik our past Headteacher of blessed memory, would have been proud!


  • Mitzva Day @ NWLJDS

    date posted: 16/11/2014
    This year NWLJDS got Mitzva day inspired and

    the choir went to Young Court residential care for the elderly to provide entertainment and chat and as a school we collected non-perishable shopping for the Brent Food Bank.

    On the day, our families and Staff went to do Mitzva day activities all over London from cooking for the homeless to collecting food outside supermarkets to distribute to the needy. Let us know what you got up to! Northwest London Jewish Day School also picked up the Mitzva Day schools' gong in recognition of pupils’ regular visits to sing and chat with those helped by the Young Court Sheltered Housing Project.

    #Every day is Mitzva day at NWLJDS

  • Anti-Bullying Week - Friendship Focus

    date posted: 16/11/2014

    At the Thursday assembly, Mrs Taub our PSHE co-coordinator, introduced Anti-bullying and our Friendship Focus.

    We watched a video clip about friendship and four Year 5 pupils read poems about bullying and bullies.

    Nathan read about 'Bullies and Their Friends' which explained how bullies need gangs and crowds of followers to make them feel secure because deep down they are cowards.

    Ruby K read about the 'Bully' themselves and what they are truly feeling. How miserable, insecure and unable to express themselves properly, they actually are and how in the end bullies have no true friends.

    Joseph M read a poem called 'Who's There?' that described the feelings that bullies evoke in somebody who they bully and just how much hurt bullying can cause.

    Maya Lilly read the poem '...And How Was School Today?' which describes the way people who are bullied sometimes bottle up feelings and put on a 'mask' to hide their hurt.

    At NWLJDS, we are committed to giving children the tools to recognise their feelings and empathise with the feelings of others so that we can combat bullying and eradicate it throughout our lives.

    In the next few weeks, we will be raising the profile of the power of true friendship and working together to combat bullying.


  • 28/11/14 Nursery Application closes

    date posted: 12/11/2014

    There is still a little time to get your Nursery application in for September 2015 at NWLJDS.

    Everybody thinks that there is no point because we are so over-subscribed BUT for this intake, we only have approximately 18 siblings; leaving 17 places.

    Apply and you have a chance! For all information, please contact our school office.

  • Look at the IWB or Chumash

    date posted: 12/11/2014

    Mr Kahn is teaching the Pasuk about Avram and the blessings that will come to him.

    The words are on the Interactive whiteboard and they are annotated and highlighted to demonstrate the prefixes and suffixes and the children in Year 3 are recognising and translating the words through understanding and knowledge.

    It's a modern lesson so Mr Kahn allows the children to look up at the highlighted interactive whiteboard or inside their Chumashim.

    It is wonderful to witness the blessing of Avraham's children learning the timeless Pesukim in their vibrant, modern classroom!

  • 28/11/14-Nursery application closing

    date posted: 08/11/2014

    There is still a little time to get your Nursery application in for September 2015 at NWLJDS.

    Everybody thinks that there is no point because we are so over-subscribed BUT for this intake, we only have approximately 18 siblings; leaving 17 places.

    Apply and you have a chance! For all information, please contact our school office.


  • Chocolate,Shopping and Football???

    date posted: 07/11/2014

    ...Its Level 6 Maths at NWLJDS with Miss Caplan as the pupils apply their knowledge and skills to work out mean, mode, median and range.

    Pupils are engrossed as they grapple with nutritional information on various chocolate bars; scrutinise the Premier league table and browse through a fashion site on the ipad to compare T-shirts, Trainers and DVDs. What is the mean? What is the mode? What is the median and what is the range?

    Debate; discussion; collaboration and learning - its 'Maths Alive!' at NWLJDS...

    #great teaching makes the difference!

  • MP Visit inspires Years 5 and 6

    date posted: 06/11/2014

    Luciana Berger MP for Liverpool and Shadow Health Minister, visited NWLJDS and spoke to Yrs 5 and 6. She showed a power-point about her career in politics and then took questions from the children.

    The children had prepared in lessons by studying the British political system and they were very interested. They asked Ms Berger what it is like to be a Jewish MP. They wanted to know about laws that she had successfully campaigned for and asked her about how she feels when her campaign is successful and what inspires her to start a campaign. they wanted to know how she would persuade them to vote for her if they were allowed to vote.

    The quality of the discussion and debate was very high and a lot of our pupils now feel that they want to go into politics and make a difference!

    This was a very inspiring visit and an inspiration for the children to see a young Jewish woman dedicating her life and career to engaging in British politics to make a difference. The children were very interested in her 'dangerous dogs' campaign and felt passionate about the campaign to outlaw smoking in a car where children are present!

    Our Healthy Schools coordinator Mrs D Stone invited Ms Berger and the visit of the shadow Health Minister certainly raised our 'healthy school' agenda.

    In the words of Ethan who made a presentation to Ms Berger at the end of her visit: "look out for us in the House of Commons, as you might come across quite a few of us in the future!"

  • Maths Alive!

    date posted: 30/10/2014

    Year one are taking their shoes off to measure against cubes in their effort to learn how to measure by using units that we can compare and contrast.

    In their groups, they are choosing objects and measuring them and smiling with delight as they get the answer.

    Its active; its alive; its MATHS ALIVE!

    ....and by the end of the lesson, we are using rulers to measure in centimeters!

    Thank you for the inspiring lesson from Miss Kahn.

  • Shabbat UK and Black History Week

    date posted: 29/10/2014

    Following our School ethos of Modern Orthodoxy which celebrates our Jewish identity and strives for us to be active, contributing citizens of the world, we enjoyed Black History Week and Shabbat UK in the same week of NWLJDS curriculum learning.

    Every Class learnt about Shabbat culminating in Challa baking and a specific Shabat project ranging from Besamim cards, Kiddush cups, Shabbat time clocks, candle holders and Shabbat flags.

    Every Class chose an important Person from Black History ranging from Jesse Owen, Harriet Tubman, Mary Seacole, Mae Jemison and Nelson Mandela culminating in an assembly presentation from each class with Year 5 wowing the crowds with an excellent empathy verse assembly to help us feel what slaves felt as they ran for freedom.

    We feel inspired by the history lessons and our heritage lessons.

  • Learning About Other Faiths

    date posted: 28/10/2014

    A huge thank you to Mr Mistry, our School Business Manager, who stepped out of the comfort of his office to lead our assembly on Diwali.

    It was interesting and thought-provoking for our children who got to hear first hand from a Hindu Staff member about his celebrations of Diwali and what Diwali is all about.

    Mr Mistry spoke about the similarities and differences between celebrating Diwali in Britain and in India in his home province of Gujarat.

    The children had so many questions including expressing their concerns about possible fire hazard from all the candles.

    Mr Mistry spoke about celebrating light in the world and the power of good to vanquish evil and for light to banish darkness.

    We wish Mr Mistry a happy Diwali!

  • Who is rocking Year 3?????

    date posted: 23/10/2014

    Right now Year 3 are preparing to perform and the spirit of Rosa Parks is rocking the classroom as they sing the Rosa Parks song!

    "What act of mine led havoc to ensue? How come I caused such fuss?..... I sat on a bus!!!!"

    RESPECT is what Year 3 are learning about through the story of Rosa Parks in our NWLJDS Black History Week lesson


  • The Impact of War-time Rations

    date posted: 21/10/2014

    Year 6 are learning about the impact of rationing during WWII and tried to understand what people were experiencing and feeling at the time.

    A ration card was displayed and the exact amount of butter ration measured out and consideration given to how much butter would be needed for a birthday cake.

    The lesson developed empathy, understanding and a great discussion led to an amazing story from our teacher. She told us about the War-time wedding of her Grandparents who received a very special wedding gift: 6 oranges!


  • Have you heard about Harriet Tubman?

    date posted: 21/10/2014

    Have you ever heard about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railway?

    Year 5 are finding out right now in their lessons during Black History Week at NWLJDS!


  • Super Stars at our School

    date posted: 20/10/2014

    This year we have introduced 'Star' status which is awarded for consistent overall brilliance in lessons including behaviour, attitude and performance. This status outranks our existing 'Green' status and is a special and significant award.

    All the children who have received 'Star' status this year received a praise postcard delivered by mail to their homes but 5 children were awarded 'Super Star' status in assembly today for the most 'Star' status awards this year. They received special wristbands and are well on their way towards the prize with Miss Caplan.

    The NWLJDS Super-Stars are: Leah P; Dylan; Aaron D; Leah W and Ilan

    Well done! You have brought pride, joy and honour upon yourselves and your families and your school. 


  • African Drumming at NWLJDS

    date posted: 20/10/2014
    Black History learning is celebrated at NWLJDS with the beat of African Drumming workshops. Every class is having a turn to work together to create wonderful rhythms and beats. The workshops enhance the themed learning with each class focussing upon a great figure in Black history. Year 6 are learning about Jesse Owen who overcame huge adversity to triumph in the face of racism and severe intimidation. He is an inspiration for our Year 6 class who face their Sats, entrance exams and transition to secondary school - We look forward to them being their very best and succeeding!
  • Debating Club increases speaking and listening skills.

    date posted: 07/10/2014

    Debating Club began only four weeks ago but is already buzzing with excitement!

    The children are mastering skills such as voice projection, making eye contact, using hand gestures & even speaking without notes!

    The debates stir up opinions and some of the ideas we've heard have been original and very persuasive.

    This week the motion was, "This House Believes People Should Be Vegetarian By Law."

    Who do you think won the argument?

  • Our Teachers' favourite Poems Assembly

    date posted: 30/09/2014

    Poetry came to life as 4 teachers read from their favourite poems and the Year 4 class performed in our topical weekly assembly.

    Mrs Dorman read the 'Tale of Custard the Dragon' by Ogden Nash and explained how she remembered this poem so vividly from her school days.

    Rabbi Kerbel read from the 'If'' poem by Rudyard Kipling and explained how it had been his late Grandfather's favourite poem and his Grandfather had actively lived by the wisdom in the poem.

    Mrs Finkel read passionately and dramatically to great applause from the 'King's Breakfast' by A.A. Milne

    Miss Cohen then read from a poem that had been her favourite from when she was just a child; 'Now I am Six' by A.A. Milne

    The assembly was completed by Year 4 standing up and performing the 'Ning Nang Nong Song' by Spike Milligan.

    Mrs Dorman then launched a school-wide poetry competition and we look forward to reading the results .A huge thank you to Mrs Dorman, our literacy coordinator at NWLJDS, for elevating poetry to the frontline!



  • Pond Dipping at NWLJDS

    date posted: 30/09/2014

    All the NWLJDS children got out of the classroom recently to engage in an exciting programme of Pond dipping. Worksheets were produced with illustrations and labels and children set off on a quest to find these creatures in their natural habitat deep in our very own environmental area.

    Children rolled up their sleeves and stroked toads and snakes among other woodland creatures.

    This was followed up by an inset for teachers on outdoor learning and every week the children put on their wellies and enjoy a woodland club.

    At NWLJDS the learning is happening way beyond the classroom!





  • Shana Tova - Happy Birthday to the World.

    date posted: 28/09/2014

    At NWLJDS we wish the world a Shana Tova which is the Jewish way of celebrating and saying Happy Birthday to the World and wishing all of Planet Earth, A very good year ahead full of blessing, happiness and success. This is the official New Year in the Jewish calendar.

    As Headteacher, my birthday wish for the world is that everybody gets really good at using words spoken respectfully to do their very best to sort out problems and that Peace is therefore increased in the world.

    What is your birthday wish for the world?  

  • Eid assembly

    date posted: 28/09/2014

    Last Tuesday we were honoured by the visit of Jumana Moon, our Muslim speaker, to our topical Tuesday assembly. Jumana spoke about the festival of Eid ul-Adha and showed her Prayer mat and answered questions from the children. The questions ranged from: "How many Muslims are there in the world?" to: "How big is the Kaaba?"

    The Headteacher opened the assembly by explaining that at our school we are all very aware of our identities as Jewish British citizens but we know that first and foremost we are human beings and all children of G-d and therefore it is important for us to respect and listen to people with other religious and cultural identities such as our guest of honour who represents the Muslim faith.

    The children listened with respect and attention and we look forward to future assemblies already planned with guest speakers representing Hindu and Catholic faith..


    date posted: 16/09/2014

    In our special topical Tuesday assembly we used our thinking fingers to massage our skulls and get thinking! The statement to consider was : Questions are more important than Answers."

    We got some tremendous interpretations from the children in the assembly. Samzi said that questions keep the learning going but answers close the learning! Carlo said that questions are the way to get to answers and Dylan said that without questions answers mean nothing!

    I invited the children to discuss this at home because sometimes there are no right or wrong answers; only our own personal meanings that we need to think about in order to discover them!

    At NWLJDS we like to work at being a thinking school!


  • One whole week gone by!

    date posted: 12/09/2014
    Time flies when you are having fun and the last act of the day is to update our website and say Shabat Shalom Yeladim and Horeem and Moreem and Hanhala which is basically the NWLJDS family. It's been great to have our new hall - thank you to the fundraising team for getting this for us and well done children for getting into school, sitting down and learning so well (YOUR PB for the moment - aim to beat it every day!)  and for being kind to each other - remember our magnificent middot - you need 13 (a full house!) to get to Pizaza in July 2015 with the Headteacher :)
  • Table Tennis crazy!!!

    date posted: 12/09/2014

    Thank you to the Bolchover family and the PTA who have donated table tennis tables to our playground. These tables are smoking hot from constant use at breaktime. Year 6 children are now bringing in their own bats and it wont be long before we are asking the PTA for another table

    If you visit , you may hear the sounds of ping and pong!

  • Have you met our Chinchilla?

    date posted: 11/09/2014

    A troop of African snails joined our NWLJDS menagerie this week. The snails brought unhatched eggs with them so the NWLJDS family will be expanding soon. Rosie, the chinchilla returned from her summer holiday and was very happy to return to her lessons in Year 3. our gerbil is still looking after the nursery children and if you pop in to visit us, you will see our very own aquarium which is home to Spotty the fish 'monster' and Giggle and Wriggle the Pakistani Loaches and a family of mollies and guppies who swim too fast to be named!

    We love all of G-d's creatures :)

  • School's back

    date posted: 10/09/2014
    Welcome back to all our wonderful pupils and Staff and Parents and Governors and Trustees. School is back in session with our gorgeous new refurbished hall and the exciting new Every Child Matters Learning Zone. This year we have a school counsellor joining our staff and I am so impressed by the kindness and caring already displayed at School. We are aiming to be brilliant and kind this year. We aim to give a positive answer to our Chair of Governor's favourite question: "Are we ambitious enough?"
  • Holiday Reading

    date posted: 07/08/2014

    Whatever you do - KEEP READING! use the holidays to read and grow in your knowledge and be kind to your parents! Our Headteacher recommends 'Wonder' by R. J. Palacio. It's a beautiful and inspiring read for upper KS2 children reminding us all that 'Every Child Matters' and what we do does make a difference!

  • Siyumim and Prize-day

    date posted: 24/07/2014
    All around the school, siyumim took place as children celebrated a fine year of learning. This year it was immediately evident how child-centred the learning is as children used props and actions to explain the verses they were chosen to present. They read with confidence and fluency in Hebrew and translated with ease and clarity. Huge credit must be given to the Kodesh teachers who have risen to the challenge of putting learning before teaching and focussing on the progress of each child. Teaching is stimulating and engages the senses as opposed to a teacher standing at the front and lecturing. Kodesh assessment is now being used and reported to Parents in Chumash and Hebrew reading. The siyumim culminated with the Year 6 graduation with pupils bedecked in mortar-board and gown and bringing joy and nachat to their parents. The Golden book prize was won by Ela T; the Derech Eretz prize by Yona T and the Middot prize by Rafi O. The Mr Wulwik academic prize for excellence was won by Abigail F who excelled in both Kodesh and Secular studies. Guests of honour at the school Prize Giving ceremony were Mr Herman Martyn and Mrs Miriam Martyn whose association with the school goes back some 40 years!
  • Sports Days

    date posted: 24/07/2014

    The best NWLJDS sportsdays in recent times, took place at Malorees playing fields with the help of JFS students. The 2 sportsdays were organised by Mrs Stone, who highlighted the focus of the sportsdays as 'PB' - personal best! Every child was encouraged to participate and set their personal best and aim to improve upon it next time. PB is going to be a big part of our school vision next academic year. Well done to Miss Caplan and Mr Kahn who were named as Staff members excelling at having a go on the day!

    North West - Be Your Best!!!!!!

  • AGPM - Annual Governor Parent Meeting

    date posted: 22/07/2014
    Thank you to Justine Berger for chairing our AGPM. our gifted pupil musicians performed including Abi F and Rafi L who demonstrated their prowess. The Student choir performed including solos from pupils. Presentations were made from the Chair of Governor and Headteacher who spoke about their vision for the school and how to move forward: 'Ambition' and PBBF (Pupil Progress meetings; Behaviour leadership; book scrutinies and Feedback Fridays [marking]). The meeting focussed on the conversion to academy as a strategy to accomplish the aspirations of the school community - ECM (Every Child Matters) in that every child should excel! The PTA chair summed up a year of huge activity and contribution to the school and were thanked by the Headteacher. Fish and chips were served and we had the best turn-out ever!
  • NWLJDS Year 6 shine on the night!

    date posted: 22/07/2014

    The Year 6 play took place in the presence of Parents, Staff and Governors. It was a spectacular evening of music , performance and nachat! The feedback from the evening is that the level of professionalism was simply superb. Huge credit goes to Miss Caplan, the director and Dr Lazarus, the musical director. We are so proud of our Year 6 children - You are all shining stars of the future and we believe in you - Each and Everyone of You! Go out into the world and keep improving on your PB's.

  • NWLJDS achieve at the Etgar challenge 2014

    date posted: 11/07/2014
    A massive Yeshar Koach to the three NWLJDS Year 5 teams at the national UK Etgar challenge (established by two NWLJDS Parents) who all placed in the top 10 with one of our teams coming second overall! Mr Kramar deserves huge praise for his focussed approach to preparations for the quiz and for inspiring and enthusing the children. By all accounts, the quiz was superbly organised and our thanks go to the Etgar administration. Lehitraot next year :)
  • Football Internationals visit NWLJDS

    date posted: 01/07/2014

    Israeli international football stars from Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel champions) visited NWLJDS. Dor Micha and Reef Peretz spoke passionately about their love for Israel and the pride they feel when they play for their country. They also spoke about the importance of doing well at school - especially in Ivrit! They played an exhibition match cheered on by hordes of excited NWLJDS children and Staff. We are now all Maccabi Tel Aviv fans! Thank you Dor and Reef for bringing Ivrit and Israel to us! Thank you to Mr Yamini for organising the visit. 

  • We are Writers at NWLJDS

    date posted: 26/06/2014
    Our very own publication encompassing writing from every pupil at NWLJDS is almost ready for distribution! It costs £5.99 and the cover was designed by the very talented Sacha G of NWLJDS. Every parent will get an order form and we hope you all get your copy because WE ARE WRITERS AT NWLJDS! We love writing and Rabbi Kerbel usually gives Golden Book bonus for writing.
  • NWLJDS @ the Maccabi GB fun Run

    date posted: 22/06/2014

    So many North West families took part in the Maccabi GB fun run today! Mrs Stone, our PE coordinator, put her money where her mouth is by drumming up huge support (which showed in the excellent turn-out) and then leading the way with an excellent 5k run. Mrs Taub also ran the 5k and Mrs Bendell and Rabbi Kerbel ran the 10k with Mrs Behrman and Mrs Finkel power-walking the 1k. There might have been more Staff so apologies if you were missed off this list. Let us know you were there!So many families ran, walked, pushed buggies and had a great time.

    We are pleased to announce that due to all the support, we will have swimming for all at NW next academic year and we will continue with the Maccabi GB expert coaches!

    Come on North West!

    We are going to become a fitter school!

  • Our School Governor receives MBE

    date posted: 18/06/2014

    Mr Herman Martyn, our beloved Governor of over 40 years of service, has received an MBE in the Queen's birthday list.

    Mr Martyn was commended for his services to education over many years and all of us at NWLJDS have been blessed to experience it firsthand!

    His current areas of endeavour include ICT and PE. Look out for development, improvement and strengthening in those areas as Mr Martyn is relentless in his drive to provide the best education for our children.

    Wishing Herman many years of health and happiness and blessing.

    Yeshar Koach!!!!

  • Yr 6 return from the Residential

    date posted: 12/06/2014

    Yr 6 returned exhausted and happy from the annual residential trip. They enjoyed extreme sports; theme parks and a tutorial from Rabbi Broder 'King of the BBQ' on how to successfully barbeque. Many thanks to our wonderful accompanying staff who literally sacrificed their sleep to ensure that the children had the best time: Rabbi Broder, Miss Caplan, Mr Moss, Vivian, Rabbi Wilk and Miss Godsi.

  • Semi-Final debut success for NW girls

    date posted: 11/06/2014

    Thank you to Mrs Stone for organising a girls football team at NW and for entering them in the Maccabi interschool tournament. Mrs Taub went with to help Mrs Stone manage the team and the NW year 4 and 5 girls team reached the semi-finals!!!! Well done! Now the boys have some catching up to do.

    Look out for NW chess success in the Brent league. News to follow :)

  • Training

    date posted: 11/06/2014

    Hi NWLJDS Community

    It's the Headteacher here getting his website training! I hope to update you more regularly. A huge thank you to Arielle Scemama for getting us this lovely, shiny, happy new website :)

  • Welcome to our new website!

    date posted: 22/05/2014

    We are delighted to be launching a brand new website. Do not hesitate to send your feedback and ideas to

  • Join our NWLJDS Twitter Community!

    date posted: 27/02/2014

    Most parents will probably be au-fait with the world of social media – but as technology takes some of us into unchartered territory – we are determined not to be left behind! Twitter is an incredible platform for connecting with the world which we are embracing fully. Exploring technology, but remaining firmly bound to the importance of our privacy and security, NWLJDS is officially Tweeting! 

    The security settings are very high, so request permission to follow @nwljds180  Only members of the NW community will be given permission to see the tweets.

    Read our latest Tweets here!

  • Events

    date posted: 05/02/2014

    Our wonderful PTA has astounded in recent years with incredible fundraising events including coffee mornings and our beloved summer and winter fun-days. Please contact Justine ( if you would like to join the events committee, and read here for a report on all school events and for news on what’s coming up!

  • Dreaming big and working hard

    date posted: 05/02/2014
    We strive to expose the children to the beauty of their world and their country, and to the fascinating and inspirational people who make a difference in it. This is the reason we have brought fascinating speakers into the school in the past including Mike Brace who has overcome seemingly insurmountable feats despite being blind, and Martyn Bernard, formerly Britain's number one high-jumper, who spoke to the children about the importance of dreaming big and working hard! We will continue to bring awe-inspiring speakers into the school to motivate and excite the children. Check this page for updates on who will be speaking and when.
  • In this fast-paced, ever-changing world

    date posted: 05/02/2014
    In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, nothing stands still. As society and technology move forward, so do our children’s needs and skills. At North West we strive to be as dynamic as the world around us, and to ensure that the children learn to embrace progress, adapt to technological advances, and absorb and interact with current social developments, whilst remaining true to the values of the school and of our community.
  • Chief Rabbi Mirvis becomes NWLJDS Patron

    date posted: 31/01/2014

    Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has agreed to become a Patron of the School.  We are delighted and privileged to be honoured in this way. The Chief Rabbi will be visiting the School once a convenient date has been fixed.

Welcome to our school. North West London Jewish Day School is a Jewish Modern Orthodox school committed to upholding British values of Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for those of different faiths and beliefs. Our School has a warm, welcoming, family atmosphere with a palpable quality of ambition for all our pupils and an aspiration to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants through the power of education.

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