Outside Services


Please read this GUIDE TO CAMHS for helpful information about CAMHS – Guide to CAMHS | Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services | YoungMinds

A referral to CAMHS can be made by the school SENCO or via your GP. Each local authority has their own CAMHS services (some are now grouped together) but the one you access is dependent on where you are registered with your GP.

Please see the links below for your local authority. Please note that every mental health trust in London has put in place a 24/7 crises line for people of all ages which are free to call and can provide advice to those in crises.

Please see this link for all the telephone numbers for London: 24/7 crises lines 

Brent, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster: CAMHS :: Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (cnwl.nhs.uk)

Barnet: Barnet CAMHS (behcamhs.nhs.uk)

Camden: Camden Child and Young Person Mental Health Service (Open Minded) (tavistockandportman.nhs.uk)

Haringey: Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) | Haringey Council

WEST – Brent Wellbeing and Emotional Support Team  – for children attending NWLJDS with a Brent GP

Brent Council – Wellbeing and Emotional Support Team (WEST)