NWLJDS – Mental Health & Wellbeing – Meet the Team

At NWLJDS, we are all responsible for promoting and protecting good mental health (pupils, staff and families). We strive to foster positive relationships, be supportive and engage in continuous professional development to identify mental health needs and implement the appropriate provision.

We have a dedicated team who lead on the strategy for mental health and interventions that take place.

For any questions – or for further support, please contact a member of staff or email ecm@nwljds.org.uk

The designated team for Wellbeing/Mental Health

Danielle Stone – Senior Lead for Mental Health

Shirley Choyen – ELSA/Wellbeing Intervention LSA


Pupil Wellbeing Champions (our student council – Years 3-6)

Noah, Matthew, Maya, Poppy, Ella, Zac, Sam, Mia and Nate

Janine Tamman – Child Psychotherapist

                        Sam Garson                                                   Shmuly Noe

Mental Health & Wellbeing Link Governor – Deborah Cohen

Deborah is an education consultant specialising in special educational needs and disability (SEND). She was previously Inclusion Advisory Teacher for a local authority. She has a particular interest in mental health and well-being.