Every Child Matters

Safeguarding and Child Protection are the highest priority for Staff and Governors who work together to ensure high quality, exemplary practice at North West London Jewish Day School.

What is safeguarding?

It is all the policies and actions we put in place to keep our school a safe place for all. 

Health and safety

  • Regular fire risk assessments and fire alarm tests.
  • Termly fire evacuation drills.
  • Clearly labelled exits.
  • Regular health and safety monitoring according to Health and Safety Policy carried out by Site Manager, Mr Laurence Fernandes and Health and Safety Lead Rabbi Ronen Broder.

Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks 

All adults working with pupils in school have enhanced DBS checks. This includes any adult who comes into the school on a regular basis, including Governors. Details of DBSs are held on the Single Central Record including other key information relating to qualification to work and disqualification of association. 


We have a ‘Safe Use of the Internet Policy’. Children are supervised at all times whilst on the internet in school and specific sites have been blocked. We remind adults not to place school photos on the internet and we check with all parents which children are allowed to be photographed for the school website/press publications before placing them on it. A register is held by the office. The photo gallery within the school website is also pass-word protected. Children, Staff and Governing Board are formally trained over the academic year in a rolling program. 

 Child Protection (CP) 

Mrs Amanda Shoota is the designated teacher for CP. Miss Judith Caplan and Mrs Madeleine Bendell are the designated Deputy CP teachers. Mrs Sheila Taylor is the designated Governor for CP. All teaching staff, designated Governor and Governing Board are trained formally every three years and refresher training administered throughout the academic year. CP is reported termly to the Governors. Clear procedures are in place to ensure that any suspicions about neglect or abuse are reported to the relevant agencies. 

Brent Family Front Door 020 8937 4300

 PSHE curriculum 

The school ensures small group and circle time activities to promote positive behaviours especially towards each other, are carried out and given high importance. Themed weeks including e-safety; anti-bullying and healthy living are conducted.

 Monitoring attendance 

Parents and carers phone on the day of illness. Absence without prior notification is followed up by the school. Sustained lateness or absence is monitored by the Headteacher and Deputy HT and recorded in an attendance file. This information is analysed and shared with the Every Child Matters Co-ordinator when appropriate. Discussions with parents take place if necessary to improve attendance. School attendance data is reported to Governors termly.

Risk assessments 

Risk assessments are carried out for all school-related activities in and out of the school. Mrs Amanda Shoota is the EVC (Educational visits and outings) coordinator.

Safer Recruitment Policy 

The HT, Leadership Team and the following Governors are accredited ‘Safer–recruitment’ professionals and utilise this knowledge in appointments – Mrs Sheila Taylor, Mrs Naomi Landy, Mr David Landy, Mr Ashley Donoff, Mr Graham Morris,
Mr Arnie Kosiner, Mr Martin Kerem and Mr Michael Weinstein. 

Whistleblowing Policy 

There are clear procedures in place for all staff to report incidents of malpractice (including CP) concerning members of staff or adults to other adults in the school.

First Aid 

The named first aiders in the school are Mrs Denise Worth (Welfare), Mrs Karen Welch, Rabbi Ronen Broder, Rabbi David Wilk, and Mrs Vivian Goldring, with full first aid qualifications. Parents and carers are informed daily of minor incidents. More serious incidents are recorded on accident forms. Accident forms are analysed by the Welfare officer to note if patterns emerge. 

Paediatric first aid trained staff

Rabbi Ronen Broder, Mrs Denise Worth, Mrs Hillary Behrman, Ms Luliana Patranoiu, Rabbi David Wilk, Mrs Vivian Goldring, Mrs Anita Dunner, Mrs Lilly Meshulam and Mrs Brenda Mailer. 

Monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of safeguarding

We conduct surveys of parents, children and staff. In January 2016 – 93% of Parents expressed happiness with level of safety with 6% neutral and 1% unhappy.

Working with other agencies 

This includes: 

  • Educational Psychology Services 
  • Pre-School Advisory Team 
  • Health Visitors 
  • Social Services 
  • Behaviour Support Service 
  • Parent Support Service 
  • Pre-Exclusion Team 
  • Visual Impairment Team 
  • Paediatric Health Service 
  • Autism Service 

Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy 

There is a clear Behaviour Policy that all staff follow. All pupils and parents are informed clearly of this policy introduced 2010, updated Oct 2015. Positive behaviour is celebrated in our school through Golden Book and Middot Cards. Sanctions are clear and appropriate. The Positive Behaviour Co-ordinator is Mr Meir Shelton.


A thorough induction is given to all new members of staff. An induction handbook AND Code of Conduct personalised to each new recruit is held by the new employee and kept by the school in individual personnel files.


We have a Head of Security and 2 security officers who are present on the premises during school hours monitoring all visitors to the site.

Phone 020 8459 3835 to report security concerns

For urgent Child Protection matters, outside of school hours

Please contact: Brent Family Front Door

Tel: 020 8937 4300

or email: brent.lscb@brent.gov.uk

Staff Training

Paediatric First Aid – Jolene Wernars (Welfare Officer), Rabbi Ronen Broder, Brenda Mailer, Dianne Horwitz, Vivian Goldring, David Wilk, Lawrence Fernandes, Rachel Kupperman, Mrs Keryn Miller, Leah Solomon, Karen Welch, Yosh Radomsky, Joanna Zabrzeska, Lilly Meshulam, Anita Dunner, Romy Taub, Zvi Kahn, Adina Elkouby, Melissa Teff, Shirley Choyen, Lisa Retnam, Mirka Holeckova.

Safer Recruitment Staff–  Madeleine Bendell, Judith Caplan, Amanda Shoota, Ronen Broder, Naomi Landy,Brenda Mailer, Karen Welch

Safer Recruitment Governors –  Sheila Taylor, David Landy, Graham Morris, Michael Weinstein, Ashley Donoff, Martin Kerem, Rebecca Gozlan.

Multi-agency Training – Madeleine Bendell, Amanda Shoota, Judith Caplan

Child Protection Training Level 1 – Judith Caplan, Amanda Shoota

Child Protection Training Level 2 –  Madeleine Bendell, Amanda Shoota, Judith Caplan

Child Protection Training Level  3– Amanda Shoota,  Judith Caplan, Madeleine Bendell, Sheila Taylor, Justine Berger

Prevent Training – Amanda Shoota, Judith Caplan

Recognising and responding to the Sexual Exploitation of children and young people training –  Amanda Shoota

Female Genital Mutilation – Amanda Shoota

Digital Communication and its Impact on Children and Young People – Amanda Shoota, Sylvester Saldanha, Camilla Kahn

E- Safety

Child Protection and Safeguarding policy signed by the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors