North West London Jewish Day School

Overview of Safeguarding 


For urgent Child Protection matters, outside of school hours

Please contact: Brent Family Front Door

Tel: 020 8937 4300

or email:




Staff Training

Paediatric First Aid - Rabbi Ronen Broder, Brenda Mailer, Denise Worth, Vivian Goldring, David Wilk, Lawrence Fernandes, Renee Schapira, Lisa Judah, Rachel Kupperman.

First Aid only - Karen Welch

Safer Recruitment Staff-  Madeleine Bendell, Judith Caplan, Amanda Shoota, Ronen Broder, Naomi Landy,Brenda Mailer, Karen Welch

Safer Recruitment Governors -  Sheila Taylor, David Landy, Graham Morris, Michael Weinstein, Ashley Donoff, Martin Kerem, Rebecca Gozlan.

Multi-agency Training - Madeleine Bendell, Amanda Shoota, Judith Caplan

Child Protection Training Level 1 - Judith Caplan, Amanda Shoota

Child Protection Training Level 2 -  Madeleine Bendell, Amanda Shoota, Judith Caplan

Child Protection Training Level  3- Amanda Shoota,  Judith Caplan, Madeleine BendellSheila Taylor, Justine Berger  

Prevent Training - Amanda Shoota, Judith Caplan

Recognising and responding to the Sexual Exploitation of children and young people training -  Amanda Shoota

Female Genital Mutilation – Amanda Shoota

Digital Communication and its Impact on Children and Young People – Amanda Shoota, Sylvester Saldanha, Camilla Kahn


E- Safety 







Child Protection and Safeguarding policy signed by the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors




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